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One cannot understand Teresa J Cuevas' artwork (Madrid 1988) without taking into account her education and architectural devotion. Her work as an architect in South Korea, with artist Jinnie Seo and in the studio One or One Architects, was the most anchoring influence to her foundation. These 4 years building residential homes, monumental installations, opera stages, and luxury shop windows have generated an Asian influence in her work, which can be sensed at first glance in her studio and artwork.


In 2015, after many years with a notebook as a graphic diary, she began her professional career as an artist, already settled in Madrid. Persistence and work took her from one studio to another until, in 2021, she designed and built her own studio/gallery where she currently creates and exhibits her works.


In this space, we enter two worlds. We find one from “inside out”, in which the winds, sands and different elements of nature star in the canvases with light as the main element. The other world is the result of an “outside in” look in which the artist investigates her own person, the subconscious and human behavior.  We can see how these two worlds dialogue and even intertwine with each other.


In this first world, the “Naturaleza y luz” series dominates,  evolving and experimenting with the material that gives life to the texture and invites you to become part of the landscape of the work. It highlights a search for balance between the heavy and the light, the full and the empty, the light and the shadow, the serene and what is in movement.


It is in the second world where we find the collections "la espera", "avance", "horizonte y tierra" and "encuentros", which tell us stories about motherhood, emotional and spiritual growth, the present and future aspirations, always inviting the spectator to contemplate and introspect.

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