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Teresa J Cuevas (1988) is both an architect and an artist.

Her professional career as an architect (ETSAM) started in One o One Architects studio in Seoul, where she worked for almost four years. It highlights her collaborations in exhibition assembly with the artist Jinnie Seo in South Korea (Samsung Plateau Museum, SOMA) and in Amsterdam (Installation, stage and costume Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ). Besides, she made displays at Hermes in different locations at Seoul and residential designs for One o One Architects.

She has been museum-architect of the exhibitions “Sound Art”(02/16) “Lyonel Feininger” (09/16) and “William Morris” (02/18) in Juan March Foundation in Madrid and in MNAC of Barcelona. 

Since 2015, she is focused on her artistic career. She is based in the city of Madrid, where several of her exhibitions have been enjoyed.

In her artwork light is an essential component:

“Shadows are born from the expressive gesture. Light impact matter, which creates a dark and contrasted center that potentiates the clarity around her.

Light sculps the shape of wind, waves, rocks and my brush.”

Searching balance between heavy and lightweight, full and empty, light and shadow, peaceful and dynamic.

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