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This series invites us to discover different milestones on our path. It teaches us to look at our own nature and find those moments that mark a before and after. Its vibrant lines in balance and minimalism show a clear Asian influence in the matter and of the artists Eusebio Sempere and Fernando Zóbel.


This is the artist's second exhibition in her own space, which may represent one more white layer of her life or a deep line of ink, we cannot know yet. Developing this series since 2011 (South Korea), we can find allusions to Teresa's biographical life in each of the works, although the real protagonist is the viewer and his or her reflection; the inner search of each one.


We can find two creative processes in this collection: from the caressed or scratched matter that represents the duality of life, to the lighter paper, white and beautiful by itself, scratched in a process of long meditation. In these two interrelated typologies, the artist hopes that we can all discover a phase of our lives that is deeply marked and at the same time surrounded by clarity. Let us find the pillars of our history, vital marks that help us move forward. In this series the progress of life is abstracted, taking it to its extreme simplicity so that only intuition and reflection can unveil in us a sensation caused by a memory, transforming those moments into something beautiful.


The artist tells us: "We are what we live, the sum of our circumstances and the moments that mark us. I like to treasure them as part of the process of self-knowledge, of advancement and the search for beauty in my own life".

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